Ralph Clark Huston Jr.

By chance this year, February 27th lands on a Friday, thus it’s a perfect time for me to add a post to my “Famous Person Friday” page.  This person might not be famous in the sense of academy award winning actors or platinum selling recording artists, but still I chose to feature him on this page for being a World War II hero.

* Rank/Rate: Seaman, First Class
*  Service Number: 755 96 96
* Birth Date: September 27, 1925  
*   From: Parkersburg, West Virginia
  *  Decorations: Purple Heart
  *   Submarine: USS Cobia (SS-245)
  *   Loss Date: February 27, 1945
  *  Location: Near 6° 02’S x 114° 0’E
  *  Circumstances: Killed in surface gun action
  *  Remarks: USS Cobia is on display in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
  info from:  http://www.oneternalpatrol.com/huston-r-c.htm


On 2/27/1945, Ralph Clark Huston Jr. lost his life on board the USS COBIA while in a surface battle against he Japanese.  He was not yet even 20 years old.  In 6 war patrols he was the only fatality on this submarine.  So on this day, I commemorate his courageous service to the United States by volunteering for submarine duty.

It was Ralph’s job when called to battle stations to assist with the loading of the 20mm gun ammunition. According to Doc (Herbert L.) Starmer’s medical examination as written up in his book War Patrols of the USS Cobia SS-245, pages 80-84, (ISBN 978-1-105-37342-8), Ralph was shot in the left shoulder leaving the bone in his upper arm shattered.  He was also hit in the upper left rib cage and the bullet exited in the lower portion of his back on the right side.  Doc did what he could to control the loss of blood, which included removing Ralph’s arm.  He treated him for shock and was hopeful that he could save his life if they could just get him to a hospital.  Unfortunately his condition deteriorated over night and he passed away and was buried at sea the following morning.  

The logs pin point his burial at Near 6° 02’S x 114° 0’E.   With modern technology these days, it’s possible with Google Earth to see the location.  He was committed to the deep in the Java Sea.RCH1

Doc had to weigh Ralph down with several fire bricks from the crews mess and encased him in mattress covers, which he sewed closed.  He was wrapped in the American flag and taken up to the deck of the submarine, where they held a Protestant service, played a recording of taps, and ceremonial rifle fire.  The photo below can be found on the website, submarinemuseums.org as well as in Doc Starmer’s book.


Today this is the plaque that sits near the 20mm on the COBIA


Image of Ralph Clark Huston, Jr. on deck of the Cobia.

Image of Ralph Clark Huston, Jr. on deck of the Cobia.

Game Show Fever

One of my favorite genres on TV is game shows.  It’s debatable today as to if some reality TV can be considered Game Shows.  But here I’m talking about genuine flashing light sets with contestants wild for prizes and cash money.

I have such memories of coming home from grade school and watching the Richard Dawson episodes of Family Feud during dinner.  I’m not sure what it was that made me like it so much (at age 7 it wasn’t Richard yet) because being that young, it wasn’t a game I could really play along with.  It might have been the way the board would ding and flip to reveal the answers because I like that better than the modern computer animated board. 


The brown was my favorite suit color :) Soooooooooooo cute !!!!!! <3 <3 <3

 When I was a kid my favorite 1980’s and early 90’s game shows were (and still are),

  1. Family Feud
  2. Press Your Luck
  3. Concentration (Another Alex Trebek show where you have to match items and solve a picture puzzle)
  4. Double Dare (definitely marketed for kids)
  5. Bumper Stumpers (License plates with the weird spellings)
  6. Supermarket Sweep (Running through the store grabbing merchandise)
  7. Joker’s Wild (Just liked it for the giant slot machine thing)
  8. Tic-Tac-Dough
  9. Win, Lose Or Draw
  10. Card Sharks (as an adult watching re-runs it’s not cool of a game, but something you could play with your own deck of cards at home)
  11. $25,000 Pyramid
  12. Wheel of Fortune
  13. Jeopardy
  14. The Price is Right

It’s hard to rank Jeopardy and The Price is Right because they are so timeless, but I couldn’t leave them off the list.  I’ll watch them any chance I get.

Brett Somers

Charles Nelson Reilly

Richard Dawson

These days I would have to add The Match Game to my favorite list as I only started watching it, and became addicted, 4 years ago and it’s from the 1970’s. I watch it everyday on The Game Show Network.  If I’m not yelling out the standard answer to Dumb Dora was so dumb—-“HOW DUMB WAS SHE ???” at least once a night, my family will think something ‘s wrong with me.

Richard Dawson, Bret Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, and host Gene Rayburn

Newer game shows I liked were

  • The Weakest Link
  • Trump Card
  • Hollywood Squares
  • Lingo
  • Cash Cab
  • Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

Shows like Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and Minute to Win It were good when they came out, but soon got boring, OVER dramatic, somewhat drawn out and they changed the format.



My favorite all time game show hosts are hands down, Richard Dawson and Alex Trebek.  When I was a little girl I had a big crush on Peter Tomarkan, but now it’s all about Richard Dawson.





As for notable contestants, I watched Ken Jennings win every day on Jeopardy and I was rooting for him too.  I wish those episodes would be released on DVD.  I asked Ken Jennings one time, via email, about that.  He replied that he wasn’t sure many people would want to watch that.

Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings

Trivia games are popular because the viewers at home can play along and feel just as smart at the contestants on TV.  I wouldn’t exactly call Press Your Luck home viewer engaging, but I was drawn to it because of the cute little Whammys that would steal all the contestant’s money.

I said I rooted for Ken Jennings on Jeopardy, but sometimes contestants who win too much money can be seen as villains.  I think this guy might fit that bill.  His name was Michael Larson and he was a Press Your Luck contestant who found a way to memorize the pattern of the board in order to avoid the Whammy.  He racked up a massive amount of money compared to what other daily winners got.

There’s a really good special which dissects how he did it and how his opponents felt about it. (video below) The documentary called “Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal” was made 20 years after the incident happened and it shows the entire episode, which was only shown on TV once.

In my opinion he most definitely cheated. It’s cheating when you don’t play the game in the manner in which it was intended– randomly.  You can’t go to Vegas and count cards and not be prosecuted for it.  If he was going to beat the system he should have been able to land on more than 2 spots–at least that way he might not have been caught.

Watch the video and let me know in the comments below if you think he was a cheater.








Thanks a lot ! The blog post wasn’t that bad, Charles.

Tanya, Siberian Tiger – Fun at the Zoo

I couldn’t help but pass on something so cute as a ferocious,  albeit endangered,  tiger who makes snow
balls the size of a snowman body in her zoo habitat.
Zoo workers set up a camera to catch the Tanya rolling the snowballs to make them bigger and bigger.  It seems to irresistible to not want to jump in a join Tanya in the winter activities.  Or at least to help her stack up the snowballs and help finish off the snowman.
Here’s a link to the video posted on USA Today s website
http:// http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/siberian-tiger-entertains-herself-by-building-a-snowman/vi-AA8EqDt

Catalogue- Heywood Banks

The other day I was browsing on Pinterest…. gazing at all the pictures of couples having fun, getting engaged and the wedding ideas.  I pin them thinking, ‘One day…. That’ll be me on day.  I’ll have that kind of fun.’  Then I thought about the song Heywood Banks wrote called Catalogue.

This time, I couldn’t find a video on YouTube for you to listen along so I decided to make one myself.  I used Power Point to put it together and Wondershare to convert it.  Unfortunately, in the conversion it is about 1.5 seconds fast so all the pictures don’t match that well.  I still had fun making it.  It look about a week too.  Here’s my video and Heywood’s lyrics below.  

Also visit his website to see more videos, order merchandise etc.  

Catalogue- written and performed by Heywood Banks

I wanna have fun like they do in the catalogue
Giggle up in the warm summer breeze
Butter-cotton jersey
Periwinkle silk

I wanna have fun like they do in the catalogue
Chase the dog on the beach
Showin’ my teeth
Simple pleasure

Well I’d like to place an order please
I’d like to be eternally
Young and pretty and never broke
It can’t be on back order
I need overnight delivery
Happy and laughing at an inside joke

I wanna have fun like they do in the catalogue
Got no boss, got no bills, sleepin’ late
Hand-combed pair available
Khaki, oatmeal and stone

I wanna have fun like they do in the catalogue
Holdin’ hands on the dock at the compound
Small only
Not available in stores

Well I’d like to place an order please
I’d like to be eternally
Young and pretty and never broke
It can’t be on back order
I need overnight delivery
Happy and laughing at an inside joke

(What do you mean my card’s declined?)

I wanna have fun like they do in the catalogue
Have fun like they do in the catalogue
Have fun like they do in the catalogue
Have fun like they do in the catalogue

Halloween Bouquet

I saw an idea on Pinterest to make a Halloween corsage type pin.  

I really liked the design, but didn’t think anyone I knew would think it a good fashion accessory.  So I changed the design a little and turned it into a bouquet of flowers that could be displayed year after year. This could also be done for other holidays besides Halloween.  Using some nice pastel colors with a rabbit or an egg in the center for Easter, or red and white with a peppermint in the center, choose your favorite colors and make a customized birthday gift…. there are numerous ideas.   

I went to the silk floral department at the craft store and picked out all black and all orange flowers with the same shaped leaves, but slightly different.  The reason for different shaped leaves is so they don’t lay flat on top of one another and look like one color.

Silk flowers can be taken apart from the center.  So I disassembled all the flowers and grouped the leaves by size and color.  I then began to reassemble the flowers and layer them in varied color schemes.  When I was done I covered up the center of the flower with jack-o-lantern sticker.