When Memories Fade

I spent 2 hours cleaning the basement tonight.  When we moved to the new house, I boxed everything up instead of sorting it out a head of time.  I’m finding all sorts of old things that I had forgotten about.   I used to hate it when I was forced to read poetry in school… actually the sentence could stop there, but I was going to say, I hate it when it would say Unknown. I always hated the fact that the author was hiding something…. or were they?

I pulled this folded piece of paper out of one of my numerous notebooks.  I read it and it only vaguely rings a bell, but don’t get your plagiarism badges out, I know that it’s mine. I can tell by the stupidity tone of it, however  I can’t remember when it was written or for why.  There’s no grade on it so that theory also is out the door. 

Like I was told…. it’s all interpretation.



I clear my throat to speak,
but I fear my words I just swallowed.
They were only meaningless fragments anyway,
and not my true feelings.
Standing here with you again,
it seems to be a lifetime since the last.
In what special way, I wonder, can I convey to you
my love, my concern, and longing for the way it used to be?
And how shall you tell me the same?
Will I ever comprehend your pain?
And will you ever realize, I suffer too?
The Good Lord knows exactly what I mean to say,
but has he told you for me yet?
My faith and trust in Him has given me strength
to continue on until this battle is over and won.
The words unspoken don’t pass unnoticed,
they are only cast aside until the time is right.
Tears shed release the pain and uncertainty
to wash over the barriers built by space & anger.
Struggling in silence has stretched out my arms
for the simplest solution;
a hug to show I care and miss you,
along with an old fashioned “I love you”….
Says all you and I ever need to know.

3 thoughts on “When Memories Fade

  1. The last word I would use to describe this is “stupidity.” I think “sophisticated” is a far more apt term. You’ve always been a talented writer and this is just more proof of that fact.


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