Basement Archives- Part 1

I haven’t quite lived in my new home for a year yet, and still I have a basement full of archival material.  To me, it’s easier to sort through “archival material” instead telling myself that I have to unpack boxes of   junk that I haven’t looked at in years, and probably didn’t remember I had.  So far I’ve recovered several drawings I had done during a beginners program, my teenage journals, numerous cross-stitch kits that have barely enough thread on them to even bring recognition to the pattern, old bills, a half a box of trinkets, school work, loose photographs, rocks from places I’ve been to…. and the list goes on and on. I would welcome any suggestions in the comment section below of what I can do to hold all my vacation destination souvenirs such as brochures, postcards, patches and tickets, etc. I hate to just keep them loose in a bag. 

One big problem I have is papers so I bought a filing cabinet.  I’m told at work that I have great organizational skills and everyone comes to me when they need to find something.  I thought I’d try to recreate that at home, and it’s not quite that easy so far.  I don’t usually file newspapers at work.  In fact, I’ve had to start a box just for over-sized papers that don’t fit into a filing cabinet.  

While doing a quick sort of papers, I came across a group, folded in half, that actually made me cover my mouth and gasp.  It’s something that I had absolutely, completely forgot about.  Yet, despite the nature of these items, (as you see below) they actually are quite pleasant memories.  Even when life wasn’t always going in positive directions, Wal*Mart was at one time fun place to be.

One evening shift I was working, I had discovered this signed taped to a pole in the middle of the aisle in the Toy Department.  Initially mortified as I snatched it down before anyone could see it, I realized in doing so that just like pulling gray hairs, when one sign came down, another one popped up. 

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The original tape is still on them, but there’s no date on these documents.  I estimate them to be circa 2004 based on Bob Uecker’s comment.  Despite their mean nature, they actually put me in a better mood back then, as they did this evening when I rediscovered them.  They served their purpose to bring a smile to my face so I was correct in saving them for future use.  I stopped my rummaging through boxes, and sat and recalled a bunch of memories of my Wal*Mart associates, even thought the memories aren’t all on paper, like this.  Everyone’s moved on and nothing more remains for me except for the memories.  You can’t compare present day Wal*Mart to it, you can’t go back to it, and you can’t re-create it in the future so I am going to hold on to these papers as a keepsake.    

However, what file would I deposit these papers in?

Oh yea, “S” for smile.

2 thoughts on “Basement Archives- Part 1

    • Shocked? It was halarious…. after the fact. Mat did it. I can’t remember if he was a manager then or not. I thought for sure that everyone had access to making signs through Community Board.


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