Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Cute bunny-rabbits, chocolate, games and peeps.  It’s time to get out the Paas tablets and gold wire egg dippers.  Easter weekend is nearly upon us!

As a child, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays.   I loved hunting all over the house for the eggs- it was so much fun that I would start looking forward to it weeks in advance.  (Except, of course, when my sister would get up early and map out where all the eggs were.  I’d start crying because she got more eggs and then our parents would yell at us for fighting).  

This year I plan on trying three new in the ways of dying Easter eggs instead of the Paas dissolvable tablets.  I haven’t tried them yet, so I don’t have any photos to share or testimonials, but these are part of the plan for Friday afternoon’s project. 


Trying to be a good citizen of earth and doing my part to both recycle and compost, I am going to keep my egg decorating on a natural level.  I’ve seen ideas on TV to use vegetables and other food products to create dye colors. 

I put together this color chart.  In the food required column, you don’t need all of them such as blueberries and red cabbage and grape juice.  Just choose from the list what you might have on hand.  However, I would probably try a combo to get a richer color.


Food Required


Purple Grape Juice Red Teas (i.e. Zinger)

Violet Blue

Red Wine


Canned Blueberries Red Cabbage Leaves (boiled) Purple Grape Juice


Spinach Leaves (boiled)

Greenish Yellow

Yellow Delicious Apple Peels (boiled)


Orange or Lemon Peels (boiled) Carrot Tops (boiled) Chamomile  or Green Tea


Strong Coffee (needs to soak overnight) Black Walnut Shells (boiled) Black Tea

I left off the popular onion skin boiling procedure because from the videos I’ve seen Martha Stewart do, I don’t like the end result.  The brown eggs are spotty and not uniform.  If you want a brown egg just buy a brown egg or go with coffee


Cooked Carrots Chili Powder Paprika


Beets Cranberries or Juice Raspberries Red Grape Juice Juice from Pickled Beets


Canned Cherries with Juice Pomegranate Juice Raspberries


Tie-dyed Eggs (Groovy !!)  The steps involved in this are definitely not far out, but rather relatively easy.

–      First take a paper towel (make sure you have a strong paper towel that wont rip) and wet it.  Ring out excess water to make it just dampened.

–      Next put several drops of food coloring close together in the center of the towel.  Note: protect your counter with a cookie sheet or plastic.

–      Wrap the egg in the paper towel tightly.  Then remoisten the paper towel.  This will cause the food coloring to spread.

–      Remove paper towel and dry.


Lastly I am going to make an egg or two that have nature made silhouette type impressions on them.

(I found this picture on Pinterest)


       Gather items from the garden like a few leaves, or flower petals. (I’ve heard stickers  with interesting shapes work to such as castles or hearts) –      Wash the hard boiled eggs with vinegar first.  It cleans the shell for even dying.

–      Next take a q-tip (or brush if you have one) and paste the leaf to the egg shell using the egg white from another egg.  It’s important that the leaf is completely flat and tight against the egg or the dye will bleed underneath ruining the impression.

–      Place the egg inside an old pair of nylons, twist it tightly and tie the end with a rubber band.

–      Dip into your dye mixture for a minimum of 20 minutes if not longer.

–      When done dying, remove and dry completely with the nylon still on the egg.

–      When it is completely dry remove the nylon only.

–      Make sure the egg is completely dry before peeling off the leaf.

I’ll update this post with photos after I have completed my projects regardless of pass or fail on these techniques.  I just wanted to get it posted before Easter in case anyone else wanted to try something new.


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