Easter Egg Decoration Ideas Part 2: The Results

The results of my Easter Egg Decoration Project are mixed.


Organic Dyes- Fail

Tie-Dye- Decent Enough

Leaf Silhouettes- Pass

(Left)using red ingredients (Right)Spinach dye

First the Organic dyes did not produce what I would consider acceptable for what I wanted. Perhaps I don’t know enough about the process to make it work properly or didn’t give it enough time.  But for what I paid at the grocery store in ingredients, I was disappointed.  I knew the color would come out faded, but some I really had to look hard to see if the egg had even turned. 


Red Cabbage


The blue-ish gray egg on the left was put in with the red cabbage.  Then I added cranberry juice, chili powder and paprika, soaked for about an hour, and it didn’t even look red.  The green one was the result of soaking in canned spinach. 

The Yellows I used delicious apple and lemon peals.  Same with the orange. I boiled orange peals and carrots.  The eggs didn’t even change.  I put them in a cup with the Paas tablets and colored them regular.





Second try was the Tie-Dye.

The only things that I have to report are that you should probably wear gloves and when you re-wet the paper towel, don’t do it too much.  It will cause the colors to fade too much.  Also, on the paper towel, I had the food color close together. Well it didn’t spread that well and I had white spots showing. 

Food Color (first step) on the paper towel





The egg wrapped in the paper towel before spraying water on it.




The tie-dye egg result

Lastly- the leaf silhouettes were my favorite and turned out the best.  These are the leaves that I picked out.  I didn’t think of it at the time I picked them in the park, but they shrivel fast so I would press them in parchement paper in a book as soon as possible.

Leaves selected- use them right away or press them flat in a book

I would definitely try this again.  (I used the Paas dye).

These are the eggs after soaking in the dye for 30 min. Stil in wrapped in the nylons to dry.

I tried to see if I could put a leaf on either side, but was not able to because when I pulled the nylon it would scrunch it.  I placed the leaf on the egg.  Put my hand inside the nylon and grabbed the egg, then pulled the nylon off my hand from the top.  The type of leaf that was on the yellow egg.  It didn’t make a good imprint.  Think of that when selecteing what type of leaf to use. 

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