30 Days of Creativity ~~ Revisited Week 5

It certainly has been out of the realm of 30 days with in which I was supposed to complete this photography creativity challenge, but I’m going to do it anyway !

Day 21: Doodle Something  and Document It

This isn’t quite your typical doodle.  I was working through my design for a new craft- wedding card.

Day 22: Explore a Neglected Body Part



Day 23: Transform Something Boring or Mundane into Something Interesting 

Gee, how can I accurately depict my job?  Well, just parts of it.  A lot of what I do involves putting unique index values on digital images for computer retrieval later.  So I try to make it fun and less mindless…. or maybe I’m glad it’s a mindless task because it gives me more time to daydream.

           This is a list of all the batches that have been scanned and are waiting to be indexed


Sample page of images to index. Usually a piece of information on the bill is used as a look up for corresponding information in a table that will populate the remaining fields on the left side.

How can I transform this from boring or mundane into something interesting?

Well you can play little games like  pretend your on a game show and try to get so many images done in a set length of time and have to work to beat that time.

Also, you can pretend you are encoding secret spy files and the encryption needs to be done before the enemy transfers all the data, thereby stealing your secrets, unless you get the files indexed immediately !!

Showcase your typing ability by not making any keystroke errors.

Day 24: Capture Something Vibrant

Tulips planted in front of City Hall downtown

Day 25: Capture Something in Black and White

I happened upon this house when I failed to properly follow County Hwy ES one day.  Realizing before I got too lost, I made a U-turn, but not before I found this house.  The bicycle by the white picket fence caught my eye.  It reminded me of a typical serene Sunday in a small town.

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