Happy New Year ~2013~

Ah 2012… what can I say.  I’d like to say Good Riddance and kick your ass out the door, but I do have a number to things to be happy about last year.

New YearsI remember New Years Eve when I was a very little kid how much fun my sister and I would have littering the living room with confetti, and making all kinds of noise…. at 11:00.  We would watch the ball drop in times square on TV and that was also supposed to signify our New Years, despite the difference of one hour in the time zones.  It was fun, and memorable.  Then I would start to cry.  Not like a drunk cries on New Years but I couldn’t handle the scariness of change in the coming new year.  I don’t know what it was, because little kids really didn’t have much to worry about.  But that unknown scared me.

It goes without saying that this year was full of ups and downs.

  • We lost many great people.

Davy Jones (my first love)


Richard Dawson (my new love)








Andy Griffith (everyone’s lovable sheriff)

  • My mom had two major surgeries and I had one.  I recovered wonderfully; she didn’t so much.
  • After being in existance for nearly 40 years, the Print Shop at work, closed without a fight .
  • We suffered through a drought.


On the bright side:

  • I met William Shatner and American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe this year.

  • I saw Michael Nesmith in concert (life long dream for a Monkees fan)


  • I made some new friends.  They are faraway friends, but non-the-less new friends, Tony, Artie, Doon, Mario and Ideal.

I’ve probably lost some friends this year as well.



  • I’ve found happiness volunteering on the farm belonging to the Hunger Task Force, and very much hope to be able to go back next Spring.



  • Robert brightened up my life twice this year.



I don’t really do well with resolutions.  One status update on Facebook from the Vladimir Putin Fan Page was a quote from his New Year’s speech.  He said, “We believe that we can change the life around us and become better ourselves, that we can become more heedful, compassionate, gracious….”  Maybe it’s not so much a resolution, but it made me think that perhaps I could reflect and try to figure out what it is about myself that is so unlikeable to everyone else and try to change it.  I realize my interests aren’t that popular, but I always try to please people and do things to make them happy, but regardless, I’m still always the odd man out.


Happy New Year Everybody


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year ~2013~

  1. Perhaps you should focus less on considering what makes you “unlikable.” You are wonderful just as you are . . . remember that and everything else falls into place. Do what you love and joy will inevitably follow. 🙂


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