Water on Mars – ShyBoy

I don’t keep up with much popular music.  It usually happens that someone gives me a song or cd to introduce me to it and I like it that way, but I don’t listen on a regular basis, so I’ll admit that I don’t know what’s hot, whose it, etc. 

I was listening to some Bob Crane on Soundcloud so maybe that’s why they had suggested a song called Marion Crane (similar name- also a good song inspired by Alfred Hitchcock).  Well because of that suggestion, I found a new artist that I like.  His name is ShyBoy and his debut album Water on Mars was released in late 2013.  Water on Mars is one of my favorite songs.  Here are the lyrics (as interpreted by me) and below is a YouTube video. 

Water On Mars by ShyBoy.

Written by Jason Arnold, Wendy Waldman, Abe Parker & Mark Nubar

Gotta get out 
But there’s nowhere to go
At least on this earth
Nothing left for me to know
They found water on mars
Tell em I’m here & I’m ready to go

I’ll leave here today 
I’ll fly away

Blast me off on a rocket 
Let me sail into space
Take me away
Let me start a brand new day
Away from the hatred
And the greed
And the violence
They all seem to need
Blast me off on a rocket
My new life awaits

A brand new start 
If there’s water on mars
There’s more life than this
Out there in the infinite dark
A new life in space
Beyond the moon & the stars

I’ll fly away 
I’ll leave here today
I’ll find my way

Leave all the noise on the streets 
And the killing disease
With the kids & thier guns
The unfortunate ones
All the sadness & pain
Never see them again
All I want is a new place to be

Take me away 
I want sail into space
I’ll fly away
Start a brand new day
Away from the voices
In my head
Away from the life
I lead
Blast me off on a rocket
My new life awaits

I’m leaving today 
My new life awaits

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