Halloween Bouquet

I saw an idea on Pinterest to make a Halloween corsage type pin.  

I really liked the design, but didn’t think anyone I knew would think it a good fashion accessory.  So I changed the design a little and turned it into a bouquet of flowers that could be displayed year after year. This could also be done for other holidays besides Halloween.  Using some nice pastel colors with a rabbit or an egg in the center for Easter, or red and white with a peppermint in the center, choose your favorite colors and make a customized birthday gift…. there are numerous ideas.   

I went to the silk floral department at the craft store and picked out all black and all orange flowers with the same shaped leaves, but slightly different.  The reason for different shaped leaves is so they don’t lay flat on top of one another and look like one color.

Silk flowers can be taken apart from the center.  So I disassembled all the flowers and grouped the leaves by size and color.  I then began to reassemble the flowers and layer them in varied color schemes.  When I was done I covered up the center of the flower with jack-o-lantern sticker.



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