Liberty’s Kids

Liberty’s Kids is one of my favorite cartoon TV shows.  I found my DVD collection while doing some Spring Cleaning today.  The show is about 3 kids who work for Ben Franklin in the newspaper business and they get mixed up in all kinds of events before and during the Revolutionary War.  

I like the theme song (minus the rap part)

Looking at Life Through My Own Eyes (Liberty’s Kids theme song)

Sung by Kayla Hinkle and Aaron Carter (I’m not sure of the writer, this was transcribed from the opening— Video below)

I see a land with liberty for all

Yet still I know the truth will rise and fall

That’s just the way it goes

A word now to the wise

The world was made to change

Each day is a surprise

I’m lookin’ at life through my own eyes

Searchin’ for a hero to idolize

Feeling the pain as innocence dies

Looking at life through my own eyes

I take my heart into battle

Give that freedom bell a rattle

Get my independence signed

Declare it on the dotted line

In Philadelphia freedom ring

And patriotic voices sing

Red White & Blue

never give up

We represent America

I’m hoping and praying for a brighter day

I listen to my heart and I obey

How can I see it any other way?

I’m looking at life (looking at life)

Through my own eyes


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