Charles Nelson Reilly

I love collecting autographs in person, but sometimes the autograph that I want is no longer obtainable so occasionally I will have to purchase them.  It’s always a challenge to figure out if what you are buying is authentic or not. 

This time I wanted to get Charles Nelson Reilly’s autograph.  At the time, when I searched Ebay a lot of what was available was pictures of him as Hoo Doo from his TV kids show, Lidsville.  I wanted a picture of him, but couldn’t find him so I went for the next best thing.  This is one of the more irregular autographs that I own.  


I suppose anything could be faked these days, but I’m pretty sure this is authentic.  Because I’m so interested in autographs, even before I started searching for it, I would always watch his handwriting (as well as my other favorites like Richard Dawson) on the Match Game cards he wrote his answers down on.

In this screen shot you can see the capital F is the same as the check.

I haven’t put it together in a collage in my scrapbook yet, but when I do I’ll update this with a picture.  

Charles Nelson Reilly has been one of my favorite performers since I started watching the Match Game. Boy did he have some crazy outfits ! He was just so funny, even when he wasn’t picking on Brett.  If you haven’t seen Lidsville before, he’s a perfect villain.  You’ll have to watch it on YouTube or spend over 160 bucks on Ebay for the vhs tapes.  

Speaking of YouTube, his one man comedy show called The Life of Reilly is available to watch in segments.  He talks about his childhood and life. This is the best recording of it.  



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