I’ve been wanting to write for quite a while, but hadn’t found the time or resources.  Tapping my fingers on my desk at work, & looking all around I wan’t going to let my 45 minute lunch to go to waste.  In that amount of time I could create a new blackout poem.  However, the only reading material I had in my desk to use was the Fleet Type Submarine Manual and the Torpedo Data Computer Manual which are not exactly choice verbiage for creating poetry.

Then I remembered I could access my Kindle Cloud reader on the computer.  Randomly, I chose from my fiction library the book Free Air by Sinclair Lewis and scrolled through with the mouse until I stopped on page 105 (because that is what time it was).  I read this book in the summer of 2015 so it wasn’t fresh in my memory.  I first skimmed the page, looking at it like a word search puzzle to see which words popped out.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blackout poetry & usually I have to be in a particular mood when I make one.  This time, not so much of a mood came through, but more of a theme.  Nearly every day since the beginning of this year, my family has been watching past seasons of the reality TV show Survivor on DVD,  and have just completed Season 13.  Thus when I saw the name Jeff on the page of this book…. my mind immediately conjured up an image of host Jeff Probst. On the show, love or hate the castaway, it’s always an emotional episode when they have the “Loved Ones Visit.” The castaways are always surprised to see loved ones & then compete to spend time with them.  That’s what I thought of when making this…especially those who lose the challenge.

Because it was an e-book page it’s a lot wider than a photocopy of a regular book so you’ll have to click on the picture to read it full size.  In the event it doesn’t load because of the size, I typed it out below the picture.


Shacks and tents
She ambled to the shore, feeling feeble
Three days ago she was muttering
Jeff…. homesick
Crouched on the shore, forlorn figure
Reflection of sunset
A roar, a rush
A trim figure darting-
People she loved
He had shouted only, “I Miss” before she had rushed to him
Into the comfort of his arms and kissed him
Ridiculously wonderful to see you !
Must trot
See you very soon
Alone with Jeff in his cap, and his keen smile

Free Air- Sinclair Lewis

Free Air- Sinclair Lewis, Page 105 (electronic)



30 Days of Creativity

This is a reblog of sorts… a friend of a friend of a blog of a blog etc.  Sometimes I don’t like to do that because it makes me feel like I can’t come up with anything original, but I just couldn’t pass this one up because it has the one thing I love~~ photography.

The blog ‘All The Soft Places’  posted a challenge for 30 Days of Creativity.   Since I have not the ability to start a project and complete it, I thought taking on the photography challenge would be more my pace by only having to take one photo a day.  It’s by far easier than pulling out a bunch of art supplies from the basement.  A day by day list of suggestions completed though photography can be found here.  30 Days of Creativity for a preview of what is to come.

My results will be reveled in a series of 6 posts of 5 crafting days each.  Since this is my post and thereby my rules, I’m trying not to make myself work ahead of schedule (although this will probably not work around day 15 as I anticipate being out of commission for several days then).  Anything within the 5 days between postings is fair game for taking pictures on the list that week.  I am also not limiting myself to one picture each, to one location, or all that everything has to be artsy.

Day 1: Capture an interesting texture   June 6, 2012

Two different textures in this picture. 1.) The coarse, manilla colored pine shavings that line the cage bottom of Elixr’s cage and 2.) his smooth, scaley skin.


The texture in here (although not zoomed in to detail) is the clumpy, dry ground mixed with tough Wisconsin clay which has been turned over enough to start planting peppers.

Day 2: Capture something from a different angle  June 7, 2012

Today I sat down at my computer to enter yesterday’s photo in the draft of my post.  I sat at my desk and tilted my head back and looked up towards the ceiling in deep thought about what to say.  When I opened up my eyes, the first thing I saw was Mick my mink hanging over the edge of my bed– looking down at me, and me up at him.  The first thing I thought of, rather than yesterday’s assignment was that I usually don’t look at Mick from below, but rather straight on when he’s in my arms.  I reached for my camera and snapped a few pictures.

Mick ! My mink from Manitowoc


This was a day where I knocked out two assignments in one.  While documenting my new route home, I took a picture of my sister taking a picture in the rear-veiew mirrow of my truck.

This house had created a life sized look-a-like of the Tinman from the Wizard of Oz and had him out front holding their mailbox.


Another farm picture

Different angle, my feet dangling off the back end of the flat bed being towed by the tractor on the way to where we were planting cabbage.

Day 3: Find something with primary colours  June 8, 2012 

Sitting out front on the porch with my mom after work. Here are the primary colors in our pinwheel.

Day 4: Capture something sensual  June 9, 2012

This new route sure turned out to be good for taking pictures

Some might find a mannequin in an old cast iron tub set out on the sidewalk covered in bubble wrap sensual.

Day 5: Take a new route/explore a new area and document it  June 10, 2012

See above mannequin and Tinman.  While coming home from the Hobby Lobby in Racine, my sister and I detoured in many directions.

This was paited on the side wall of a building outside of the downtown proper in Racine. Thought it was a fitting picture with all they hype about the new Avengers movie.

We found an old roadside graveyard with a dozen or so headstones. This one was mashed into the ground. I found it ironic that the hand and finger were pointing up, but it was lying flat.


This was great fun this week.  I can’t wait to get started on the next batch of photo assignments !!

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