More profitable than people in station wagons making s’mores


Last weekend, my sister rented the 2010 movie Yogi Bear from Red Box.  I had almost forgotten that I had wanted to see it because I very rarely keep up on movies in the theater.  I’m so glad she remembered!  I absolutely loved it!  I watched it twice and bought my own personal copy.  It was so funny and I just wanted to bear-hug Yogi and Boo Boo.

I’m not here to write a movie review or spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it.  The story line in Yogi Bear is that Mayor Brown realizes that the city is in financial crisis and on the verge of bankruptcy.  He wants to run for Governor and know he wouldn’t have a chance at winning the election if the city was in ruins.  Reports had shown that Jellystone Park has been losing business, so greedy Mayor Brown decides to shut it down and sell the land to logging and developers in order to get money.  That way he’d balance the budget AND give each citizen a big fat check for $1,000.  

“I’m working on my people skills,” he says as he walks up to Ranger Smith and says point blank that he is shutting Jellystone down.  Then he whips out a book to point to the city ordinance that he was allowed to do it.  How crude.  No thought of the impact on people.  He was just going to do it to save money. 

Mayor Brown (played by Andrew Daly) reminded me so much of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker during the movie.  He was one of those slick politicians who tries to be everything to everyone when the time is right.  He turned friends against each other.  

You would just have to see it and live here with it to really understand it.

If you’ve been keeping up on Wisconsin politics (and we’ve made national news since the beginning of the year), Scott Walker is so determined to pass his budget repair bill in the form that he and HIS (not mine) Republicans presented it that he has been showing signs of character flaws and poor judgment.  I understand that he wants to balance the budget and get Wisconsin out of debt.  He’s flip flopped on whether removing a Union’s “right” to collective bargaining is fiscal or not.  Originally it was, so it couldn’t be voted on without the Democrats (who vacationed in Illinois for a while) present.  Then he decided money was not involved and the Republicans voted themselves to pass it.  Changing rules to fit his needs.  Then Walker takes a phone call from an imposter investor and schemes on how he can thwart the crowds of protestors outside the Capitol. 

The whole Walker-Budget-Unions situation makes me so mad. It’s turned me off of the Republican party for one thing.  in the past, was I blind to the type of shenanagans and bogus tactics thay use or have I just started paying closer attention.  I really liked Scott Walker before, but I had no idea he was going to do this when I was elected.  I have my picture taken with him, and I helped him campaign for Governor the first time he lost.  His mother even made cookies and brought them in to the campaign office while I was stuffing envelopes. 

Well I can’t blame it all on Scott Walker.  when John McCain was running for president and he chose that dim-wit Sarah Palin, that’s when I started stepping back and slinking away from the Republicans.  I didn’t want to be associated with that.  I put my membership card in a drawer for another day when I can be proud to carry it.  I feel that I’ll use it one day….. I hope.

I’ve gotten way of track at this point.  I think it’s time to watch Yogi Bear again.   And, just as a side note, when I was a little kid I always wanted to work for the Department of Natural Resources and be a park ranger.