Re-purposed Sweater = Warm Mittens

Pinterest… it’s awesome! Don’t you just love pinning things. Then maybe later you’ll go back and click on the pin that hopefully has a functioning link to the page the image came from. And isn’t it frustrating when it takes you to a page that isn’t in English. UGHGH especially when you are all ready to get started on the project. That is precisely the reason why I am putting up the process I used to create these mittens out of an old sweater I had.

The nice thing about this project is that there are no paper patterns involved.  Sometimes for me the less instructions the better because I do not always have the best patience for sewing projects as I just want to get them done.

The sweater I used was wool and not knitted very tight. Various online sources tell you to use the Ugly Christmas Sweaters and show something that looks like a fleece or cashmere blend. I used what I had on hand (ha ha ha no pun intended… get it.. you know.. mittens.. on your hand…) & it just so happened that it has the feel of an Olympic style pattern as well (Sochi –  Winter 2014 ) .

First turn the sweater inside out and trace your hand (in a mitten pose or like an oven-mitt) making sure to utilize the side seam of the sweater as well as the bottom hem.  Make sure you trace enough space around your hand.  It can be made smaller when you are stitching it together.

Cut it out


Because my sweater looked like it would be very airy as it, so I decided to line it with a pajama fleece material. So I re-traced the cut out mitten onto the fleece


I used the pinking sheears around the edges so they wouldn’t fray over time


I also top stitched around the fleece liner because it sounded like something I was probably told to do in school, but didn’t remember. Should help prevent any additional fraying.


Next, pin the liner onto the wrong side of the cut out sweater piece.


Stitch all the way around.


Make sure that you will have enough space for your hand. Warp it around and pin where necessary. I had not been very generous when tracing and cutting out my sweater pattern in step one. This created a problem when trying to get a good seam. I will have to do a bit of hand sewing afterwards, but that’s ok.


Clip any extra edges, such as the top round edge so that when you turn it inside out, it is smooth.

Now I’m ready to fight the Polar Vortex weather driving to work in the mornings and wearing my colors for the Olympics. Yay !!!