Part-time Passion for Painting

I’ve started painting! I’m not good at it, but I started ! Here are my first two projects.  Up to last year, I still wanted to learn how to paint and was saving up to get the Bob Ross starter kit I saw for sale at Hobby Lobby.  Saving up was going to be one big obstacle as the kit was $100 and some of his other tools and brushes at least a quarter of that.   I’d like to say that my inspiration to paint comes from channeling my inner Michelangelo, Da Vinci or Raphael, but that’s not the case.  (yes I know I just named the Ninja Turtles).  I probably couldn’t even identify any of their paintings and do not hang out in art museums.  In fact one time I had to apologize to a co-worker of mine one time when I said that I ‘hated art’.  It was more of a mis-understanding of certain concepts of art. But Jared was such an art fan that to make it up and prove that I wasn’t a jerk, I visited the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, the Renwick Gallery, and the Portrait Gallery to show that I could appreciate art.  I found several pieces at each gallery that I could identify with.

So I guess, if I had to pick a favorite painter, it would be none other than Bob Ross.  I grew up watching him on public television and was amazed at the beautiful landscapes he could create in such a short amount of time.  I always wished I could do that too, but seemed to always take my creativity into different directions.

There was an offer on Groupon for a deal on a session at a local art studio that taught painting.  Teaching is a loose term because it’s more of step by step instruction to create a painting they chose. I was ecstatic when I found this offer and jumped on it.  I didn’t want to wait around for the right design… I wanted to go right away and signed up for that weekend class.  My friend Lisa joined me and I was happy she did.  It was so much more relaxing to have someone there to take the stress away.

This was the art studio in Sussex, WI called Uptown Art.  


This is the painting we were learning to do.  It’s called Autumn Walk in the Park by Karen Tarlton




Mine didn’t turn out quite the same way.  I was ok up to the point of the trees and the grass and the people.  I wish I could paint over the bottom and try again.  But all and all I’m not that disappointed and I didn’t get as frustrated as I thought I would.  Normally I’m the type of perfectionist that it has to look like the sample or its wrong.  I’m learning to get over that.  



So after saying that Bob Ross is my favorite painter…. what do I do, but go on my own with my first unassisted attempt, I paint something that is very “not Bob Ross”.   I had planned on going back again to Uptown Art, but I got my dates mixed up and I missed signing up for this Van Gogh style Tree.  



So I went to the crafts stores and assembled all that I would need to paint at home.  I think I came pretty close.  I did’t quite get all the swirls in and I decided not to put dots on the spheres, but I’m happy with it.  


 If I don’t make it back to Uptown Art this year, I did borrow a few Bob Ross instructional DVDs and I think I will try one of those next. 

Stay tuned for future art projects!